Welcome To Kevin's Page Where it is Fun & exciting

This is where I'll be keeping my work technology you are very free to look.About the Author

Born on July11.. Kevin grew up w/ his crazy brothers&sisters. I enjoy going

to church.My talent is playing the drum.I wrote this poem blc it told the truth.And part

of it says [thats why I'm never in the hood.]

And thats the truth.I was never in the hood.And it says even more.I am different.

I am smart.intelligent&talented.Oh yeah I really love going to school

Kevin Bates

Today Is The Day

Today is the day. I walked away from all my friends.

They loved me. I loved them. Just like my friend .

We play a lot. We love to play.We make ginger bread house

out of clay.With candy & a bun.... boy that was really fun.

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My Life Is Good

My life is good thats why I'm

never in the hood.I dig all jive

&thats the reason I'm still alive.

Other people are the same I amfile:///Users/students/Desktop/7845951.png

different just like Peter Griffin

I do my test everyone say's I'm

the best.

My red pen

I have a red pen.

My red pen is big&long

I love my red pen